Disconnecting and coming up soon

Something is going to happen pretty soon. Something that I think is going to feel pretty weird.

Disconnected color


I’m off to Spain on holiday next week, and it’s probably going to be a week sans Twitter. I don’t have an iWotsit (the small one or the big one) and I’m probably going to have too much on my plate showing people round to get to an internet café to check email, Twitter, etc. However, the detox might actually be a good thing.

I tweeted fairly recently about a cool website application for Twitter that I found: http://tweetstats.com. It’s cool, but you might find the results a little worrying. Here’s some food for thought:

  • I started using Twitter in November 2009
  • My month by month Twitter usage goes like this, i.e. number of tweets in each month: Nov 19; Dec 30; Jan 86; Feb 404; Mar 681; Apr 1,217; May 668 – that’s a lot of tweeting in April!!
  • I’ve tweeted most on Fridays (635 of my total) and the time of day that I tweet the most is 10pm-11pm

It’s not all depressing stuff though, and here are the good interesting things I found out:

  • 12.6% of my tweets are retweets (hopefully this means I am sharing some useful things – I retweet most often @ShellTerrell – RT the best I say!!)
  • 59.6% of my tweets are replies to other tweeters (so I hope I’m getting involved in some Twitter discussion there, and not always just talking about myself)
  • My top 5 most tweeted words are: rt, good, thanks, think, twitter (excluding @ replies and hashtags)
Top tweeted words

Did I really tweet these words that much??

All in all, the Twitter break will be good. Please, if you send me a message from Monday 31st May to Sunday 6th June and I don’t reply, don’t think I’m being rude – it’s just I won’t be anywhere near a computer!!

So, coming up…

I submitted a post for the OUP ELT Global Blog about getting out of the classroom. If and when it’s up I will link to it from here. If it doesn’t end up going on their blog, I’ll post it here anyway.

Pretty soon I, along with some of my fellow ESOL colleagues, will be presenting at an ELT event. I’ve given a training session for staff at my college before, but never done anything of this scale (but it’s not IATEFL or ISTEK scale, mind). I plan to blog and tell you about my presenting experience 🙂

Well, now I’ve revealed my tweet stats to the world, I think it’s only fair that others do the same. Over to you 🙂

Image credit: Disconnected color by Leonid Mamchenkov: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mamchenkov/374518791/

8 thoughts on “Disconnecting and coming up soon

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    • Hey Shelly,

      It would be cool to see those people, but I’ll be more towards the Cantabrian Sea than the Med – they’re all in Barcelona (apart from Guido), aren’t they? Hope I’ll meet up with them sometime in the future, but this trip’s totally Twitter- and (hopefully) work-chat-free!

      I’ll be in the Basque Country and Navarra, visiting Bilbao, Pamplona and San Sebastián – I’ll have to set up a Flickr account to share my pics, as they are some of my favourite looking cities in Spain.

  2. Just been playing with that: tweetstats.com/graphs/pysproblem81

    Seems that you’re the person I retweet most, Mike!

    I think Twitter is an amazingly useful tool… it’s been good to me, so far… It can suck time in though.. Really don’t recommend having tweetdeck open if you want to get some work done!

    • I wonder how many of those RTs are me retweeting Shelly? 😉

      I agree that Twitter is a really useful thing, and it seems a lot of good things have happened to me as a result of being on there, so I’m definitely for it as a tool. You’re not wrong about it being a time sink – you need to be careful not to get sucked in. Sean Banville said on his blog, I think, the most useful app for Twitter would be something that limited it to working for only 3 minutes of every hour. I’d get so much more work done!

  3. Que bien, the north of Spain is something special. Have a lovely break, Mike.
    Which ELT conference are you presenting at? Tell us more!
    And good luck!

    • Hello Angela, welcome to the blog! Thanks for the comment.

      I really like the north of Spain – I lived in A Coruña for a year and Pamplona as well. It’s nice and far away from the ‘sun, sea, sand’ stereotype of Spain in the north, so even better.

      Ok, since it is now being advertised, I will reveal some more. There are 4 of us giving a talk about some work we’ve done evaluating online materials. More info can be found here: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/seminars

      Thanks for the good luck wishes!! 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Enjoy your holiday Mike and join the discussion later. a bit of detox is a good thing. I’m also planning to be away from computer and do some real book reading. Hopefully the summer is about to arrive.

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